Bootjack Cabin

The story of a young couple (and a baby) building a modern cabin off the grid in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Category: Food & Baking

My Little Helper

Abel Wilder helps me make bread every week. Lately he’s really been getting into it!

Our Friend Jesse Smith’s Deep Prep is on PBS!

Our dear friend Jesse Smith from Seattle is a fantastic chef . His Youtube cooking show, Deep Prep,  is now available on PBS!  Yes PBS! That is the Public Broadcasting Service.  Kinda like the BBC for Americans, kinda like NPR for your eyes, kinda like Youtube before there was the Internet. Check it out, I […]

Cabin Hospitality

You come to us and we’ll make you dinner. This has been our motto this winter. Our little man heads to bed and our friends make the trek to our cabin. We’ve had friends from San Francisco, from Madison, from London, and of course from Calumet. It’s been a treat each time to break bread […]

Salt Cured Egg Yolks: Part 1

I’ve never had a cured egg yolk, but being a fan of cured things in general I couldn’t resist trying. A quick google lead me to try a simple 50/50 salt-sugar mix. I will leave the yolks in the curing mix in the fridge for about 24 hrs and then hang them in cheesecloth at […]

Dutch oven bread

Bread baking again. These two loaves only last the two of us about two days. It’s amazing to think you can bake bread with a perfect crust and perfect crumb with basically no effort – just a little patience. The Recipe (from Mother Earth News which was adapted from the The New York Times.): No-Knead Dutch […]