Free Cabin Plans from the USDA

by Caleb

USDA Cabin SketchThis summer I would like to find the time to build myself a “free building.” Our one room cabin is wonderful and cozy, but since I work from home and we have a very happy (and vocal) baby, a second place to work and to provide lodging for guests would be nice.

The plan is loose. We had a lot of snow this winter and I’ve seen several collapsed outbuilding in the area so I think I can scavenge and recycle most of the materials I will need. The limitation of free  will make it a fun challenge and will force the materials to drive the design. It will be modest building probably not bigger than 20×20 with a simple gabled roof.  Once the Spring hits, I will be out driving around collecting what I can and spending my evenings and weekends building myself a shack. It might actually turn out.

A Frame Plans

A Frame Plans


While thinking about the design I found a massive list of free cabin and house plans provided by the USDA. They are not complete building plans, but something to get you started. Some of them date back to the 1930s.  Its not just cabins, there are plans for a wood box, a fall out shelter, even sketchy plans for a parking lot.

Check it out: Free Cabin Plans from the USDA